About TEDA’s

General information about TEDAs

Abania is a place of great opportunities. Preparing to be part of the EU, Albania is open to Direct Foreign Investments. TEDAs are seen as a new way in which Albania plans to spend it’s full economic potential.

Albania’s location also offers a significant potential for the development of trade with EU countries and beyond . It serves as a bridge connecting the two biggest commercial corridors that facilitate the movement of goods between the Adriatic Sea and the Black Sea , known as Corridor VIII . Albania has also entered into free trade agreements with all countries in the Balkans, that create opportunities for trade in the region .

Albania has a young population , which constitutes a qualified, educated and multi-lingual  labor.

Cost competitive and dynamic workforce

  • The minimum wage in Albania is 22,000 ALL (approx. 157 Euro)
  • Average monthly payment 37,496 ALL (approx. 266 Euro)
  • Over 1million young, well-educated professionals
  • 57% of the population is under the age of 35
  • More than 100,000 students enroll at university
  • English and Italian widely spoken. French and German included in the education system.

The  proposal by the Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism, Trade and Entrepreneurship, for the development  of Technologic and Economic Development Area, is based on favorable economic and geographical factors,  as well as the government’s commitment to facilitate the business developement in the country , being focused on absorbing foreign investments and employment and sustainable development for the country.

The purpose of the establishment of TEDA-s

  • Attracting foreign investment and new technology and information technologies .
  • Promoting economic development by introducing an industry that meets international standards for the elimination of pollution , efficient industries in energy use and high productivity industries .
  • Increase of the competitiveness of the national economy and its diversification.
  • Creating new jobs.
  • Training of employees to enable their continued training and increasing the competitiveness of domestic workers .
  • The elimination of red tape for local and foreign investors .
  • Increased security business .
  • Acceleration of the movement for the goods and capital .
  • Promotion of regional developments and the country’s economic links with international markets .

MEDTTE is seeking developers who recognize the tremendous potential of Albania and who are willing to work with the government, investment agencies , local communities and businesses to bring that potential to reality.

For this purpose, MEDTTE aspires to contract  qualified developer / operators , reputable and proven experience in successful implementation of  the projects of a similar nature.

Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism, Trade and Entrepreneurship (MEDTTE) has presented two possibilities on investing in the development of TEDA’s in Albania.

Albania is seeking developers to enable operation of two economic zones imposed on Koplik (Shkodra district, 61 ha) and Spitallë (Durres, 199.7 ha).

Both areas are near to one of the main ports in the country, that of Durres and the international airport “Mother Teresa”. Nearby are also the centers of the two most important cities in Albania, with large, skilled workforce and educational institutions near the areas. Investors will invest in TEDA in the role of developers, taking advantage of the geographical position of these two areas, the fiscal and administrative reforms the government offers and the last reforms it has taken to improve the business climate and competitiveness in the country.

MEDTTE’s objective is to enable the development of a successful race, in the selection of developers in the area of 101.2 ha in Spitallë Durrës. This will enable the absorption of investments , taking into account the promotion of new industries , innovative technologies , information technologies , industries that meet international standards for the elimination of pollution, efficient use energy industries, as well as industries with high productivity. As currently envisioned, the selected developer / operator will be offered exclusive development rights in the form of a 99 -year lease contract 1 euro.

What the Government of Albania will provide:

  • Fiscal and economic incentives for developers and users ;
  • customs incentives ;
  • administrative and financial incentives
  • infrastructure to the limits of TEDA ( water , electricity , communication , sanitation and drainage facilities ) ;
  • parallel promotion of TEDA States through AIDA and various ministries .
  • plot of 1 Euro symbolic price .

What the GoA expects from the developer:

  • Establishment of the surrounding borders, according to the perimeter of the area to achieve security and physical separation of this territory;
  • construction of ports of entry and exit from the area;
  • Construction of squares, buildings and facilities within the area needed to control the movement of goods, people and vehicles;
  • Construction of offices for representatives of the ministry responsible for the economy, customs authorities and law enforcement officials, which was given to them in the gratuitous use;
  • Construction of infrastructure inside the area and its relation to outside infrastructure ;
  • Ensuring the maintenance of buildings and infrastructure and providing all the normal conditions of use;
  • Obligation of the developer to set up video-monitoring systems and the right for access on its from the custom authorities to exercise control, especially for entry and exit.