TEDA Authority

Technical and Economic Development Area Authority – TEDAA

The Technical and Development Areas Authority (TEDAA) in the Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism, Trade and Entrepreneurship (MEDTTE) of the Republic of Albania, in collaboration with the Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA), announces the following non-binding: CALL LETTER/REQUEST FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST/NOTICE OF PROJECT for obtaining land owned by the Government of Albania in the regions of Spitallë (Durrës), Koplik (Shkodra) or Vlora for the purposes of development and operation of fully serviced industrial land. This is an unprecedented initiative to create growth and development through increased foreign direct investment, technology and skills. In order to promote these areas of growth the government is taking a series of measures to improve the business climate and competitiveness of Albania to attract domestic and foreign direct investments.

The TEDAA objective is to convert territories in Spitallë (approx. 202.7 ha), Koplik (approx. 61 ha) and Vlora (approx. 289.7 ha) into world-class technical and economic development areas that will attract investment in high-skilled, high-tech export-oriented industries and services, and spur economic growth and job creation. As currently envisioned, the selected developer will be offered exclusive development and operator/ion rights in the form of a 35/99-year lease.

The Government of Albania is therefore seeking interested developers that recognize the potential of Albania as a competitive business environment and the extraordinary potential of the areas of Spitallë, Koplik and Vlora that are willing to work with the government, investment agencies, local communities and businesses to bring that potential to reality. To this end, the TEDAA aspires to contract experienced, reputable, and highly qualified private developers with proven recent experience in successfully implementing projects of a similar nature.

This Call for Expressions of Interest is being issued in compliance with the relevant domestic laws of Albania, as a precursor to a subsequent request for proposals for international competitive bidding. It is not a pre-qualification process, and the GoA reserves the right not to proceed in tendering. This initial stage aims to identify qualified and eligible companies/consortia with the intention and capability of developing the areas of Spitallë, Koplik or Vlora and to engage those entities in a dialogue for a competitive tender process.

Economic zone developers/operators are hereby invited to indicate their interest in providing these services. Respondents are asked to provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services and are requested to submit their qualifications in the form and substance detailed below:

(i) Name and location of the business;
(ii) A relevant contact person with contact details;
(iii) Portfolio of the relevant activity including:
a. List of relevant projects;
b. Previous international experience in construction, particularly related to the development and management of similar projects.
(iv) Any concerns or conditions businesses have regarding a potential tender.

What the GoA will provide to the developer

1. Clean usage and lease rights to 202.7 ha in Spitallë, 61 ha in Koplik or 289.7 ha in Vlora for a period of 35/99 years (all statements of size are estimates);
2. A dedicated TEDA Authority to provide expedited government services;
3. An incentives package including:
a. Measures to eliminate developer liability for existing land pollution, if any;
b. Fiscal and economic incentives for developer and users;
c. Customs incentives.
4. Adequate infrastructure (water, power, communicqation, sewer and drainage) up to the borders of the TEDA;
5. The existing capacity of AIDA and other government agencies in parallel promotion of the TEDA.

What the GoA expects from the developer

1. Provide perimeter fence and entrance gate and administrative office space for zone management, customs operations and government support area;
2. Plan and execute the development of necessary basic infrastructure within the zone to provide serviced industrial land to users;
3. Provide or arrange for the provision of management, promotion and maintenance services to attract and sustain users;
4. Construct or arrange to construct manufacturing, office, parking, warehouses and other facilities required by investors to their operators, or that may be desirable for marketing the area to users and that may be rented or sold to users;
5. Comply with international and domestic waste management and environmental standards and ensure that the surrounding community is not adversely affected by the operations of the area/zone;
6. Market the zone to investors that are in compliance with international and EU standards and monetary standards.

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